The trick to writing a book is to

About me


Dan Hook is a graduate from the Open University, successfully gaining his BA (hons) Open degree in-between his editing work and writing. When not being called upon to fix computers, he enjoys relaxing on the Sussex coast to soak in the views.

His current focus is on Disarray, the second novel in his post-apocalyptic series.


A Book I've Written So Far...

Displaced – Out Now

Society is rebuilding upon the ruins of the old world, hundreds of years after climactic events. To the east remains a vast lifeless wasteland, off-bounds to the world, plagued by a toxic haze… and rumours of something unnatural within it.
Tensions heighten between two of the largest settlements when the border is violated and blood is spilt. Luther, Head of Security in Carbon City, must investigate to lessen the risk of a war breaking out, while Zara, one of those involved in the conflict, finds herself lost in the wasteland. Believed to be an uninhabitable place, she quickly realises she is not alone.
Elsewhere, Shelby is kidnapped and forced to take part in a dangerous mission in the heart of the wasteland.
Displaced by events beyond their control, will Luther, Zara and Shelby find what they need before it’s too late?